Duma Safaris has been created by Bobby-Jo Clow & Bradd Johnston who are both incredibly passionate about Africa and its wildlife.

Both have been travelling to and hosting safaris in Africa for over a decade and in the process have developed a network of contacts and relationships with camps, safari guides and local safari operators

which allow us to organise your safari with trusted and reliable local operators.

Duma Safaris has been developed to deliver value based wildlife photography safaris to some of the most amazing wildlife habitats left in Africa with a genuine focus on quality and providing all guests a real value for money experience.

Many of our tours will make a genuine difference to wildlife conservation by visiting specific projects and providing guests with a unique insight into on-the-ground projects and raising the funds necessary to continue this important work.

Bobby-Jo Clow

Bobby-Jo is incredibly passionate about Africa and it’s wildlife.

Her professional and talented works have inspired many people to take an interest in wildlife and conservation and her laid back approach and bubbly personality see many people loving to travel with her and rebooking time and again on her next safari adventure.

Her images have featured in publications around the globe including Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The New York Post, Huffington Post, Paris Match, Hello Magazine and Africa Geographic.

A recent publication of her own titled Refelctions of Elephants was released by Melbourne Books in August 2016 coniciding with World Elephant Day. This book features many of her favourite elephant images and raises funds for the protection of some of the last Tuskers of Africa via her work as part of The Askari Project.

You can see more of Bobby-Jo’s work at www.facebook.com/bclowphotography

Bradd Johnston

Bradd has been travelling and organising safaris to Africa for more than 14 years.

He loves travelling with people and organising safaris for people experiencing Africa for the first time and cannot leave the continent without first putting in place concrete plans to come back as soon as possible.

Bradd's love for Africa has led him to become a shareholder in a private wildlife reserve in Botswana's Tuli block, setup to conserve the wildlife species of the region.

In 2014 Bradd created and launched The Askari Project, a registered not for profit organisation set up to raise funding for the monitoring and protection of elephants including some of the last Great Tuskers of Africa through the conservation work of The Tsavo Trust.

Information about The Askari Project can be found at www.theaskariproject.org